About The Company


AddressCentral's mission is threefold:

  1. 1) To provide a user-friendly contact book where your contacts keep their information up to date for you. No more maintenance of out-of-date contact data.

  2. 2) To ensure that your contact data is backed up in the cloud and easily accessible on all your devices. Never lose contacts again; just sign in and they are back.

  3. 3) To provide a one stop shop for sending updates of your own contact data. Simply update your new information once and everybody you want to receive the updates has them added to their Live Contact Books.


It's simple:

  1. a) You move to a new city.

  2. b) You update your address in AddressCentral.

  3. c) Your Live Contacts instantly receive your new address in their Live Contact Books. But best of all, the only contacts who receive your new address are those you pre-defined to receive your address data).

  4. Just update your details as they change and all of your contacts of choice get the updates. You may want close family and friend to get all your categories of contact data (address, phone number, email, etc.), whereas you may only want more casual friends or colleagues to just have a couple of categories of data (e.g. phone and email, or phone and professional social profile, etc.).

    Accounts and mobile applications are free, so sign up now, invite your family and friends and enjoy the efficiency of Live Contacts in the Cloud today!


    During this beta release of the Live Contact Book, we welcome feedback from the community to improve the service. Any bugs that may exist and that come to our attention will be remedied at the earliest opportunity.

    With your input and as updates to the service are released, we expect future versions of the Live Contact Book to set the standard for contact managment.


    Founded: 2013

    AddressCentral, LLC

    A Utah Limited Liability Company. "AddressCentral", "Live Contact Book", "Live Contacts in the Cloud", "Live Contacts", the AddressCentral logo and the mobile application icon are trademarks of AddressCentral, LLC.