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Restore Contact list.

An Easier Way to Restore Contacts … With Data that Automatically Stays Fresh

There is no question - cloud based contact services have made the worry about losing contacts a thing of the past (as well as the mundane chore of manually re-entering each contact after they were lost). Whether through your mobile device’s operating system and services, or perhaps a phone carrier’s cloud-based contact service, knowing that your contacts are safely backed up provides peace of mind.

As great as the common cloud-based contact solutions are for restoring contacts, there are simpler and more advanced options available. For instance, the common cloud-based solutions only work natively on their own devices. Move to a different device and you’ll need to find a way to port them all over. Also, and perhaps most importantly, the contact data still needs to be manually updated if one of your contacts changes their contact details.

Here is how AddressCentral works:

  • 1. Sign up for a free and private Live Contact Book (there are no ads).
  • 2. Invite contacts and designate which categories of your data they will see (can change this preference at any time).
  • 3. Access your contacts on any device.

Why this is simpler and more advanced:

  • a) You can access your contacts on any device, not just the cloud service’s devices.
  • b) If one of your live contacts has new contact data and wants you to have it, their new contact data will automatically be there for you (hence the Live Contact Book).
  • c) You can use your Live Contact Book as a one-stop-shop to update your own details and have the new contact information go to any or all of your Live Contacts that you want it to.

AddressCentral’s contact management app is free. So are accounts. Sign up today in less than a minute!