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best contact management app

Best Contact Management App

AddressCentral's mission is threefold:

  • 1) To provide a user-friendly contact management system where you don’t update your contacts; they do it for you.
  • 2) To ensure that a backup of all your contacts is in the cloud and easily accessible on all your devices.
  • 3) To provide a one-stop-shop to update contacts with your own contact data when it changes.

What makes this service different?

There are three basic differences between our contact management software and other cloud based contact services:

  • 1) We don’t store standard contact data in the cloud. The data in our contact management system is live, meaning when your contacts update their information, you instantly get the updated data.
  • 2) We don’t create live contact data by compiling contact information from various online sources. Our contact management software offers a one-stop shop for you and your contacts to update contact information in a clean and simple fashion, resulting in far greater utility than standard offerings.
  • 3) Unlike many social media sites that allow you to share contact details, the privacy is superior on AddressCentral; you’ll never have to worry about being stalked or forgetting to activate certain privacy features because all accounts are private.

Available on Web and Mobile

Our contact management app is available across the web, Safari on iPhone with an App on Android smartphones, ensuring you can easily access, manage, and backup your contacts. Download the best contact manager now.

Download the Android App here.