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Don’t Lose Contact With People When Changing Your Phone Number

Recently this article made the rounds about a skin-care consultant who, when she signed up for a phone with AT&T, happened to be assigned an old phone number of somebody famous. That famous individual was Elon Musk and after receiving Elon’s old number, the consultant received texts and calls from all manner of people trying to contact Elon, even long after his number had changed. These people ranged from former business associates to someone who wanted to talk with Elon about a bionic arm they had invented!

Perhaps Elon didn’t want all these people having his phone number hence the change. However, there were likely some of them he would have wanted to have stayed in contact with via the phone. Either way, Elon could have changed his number and have his new number automatically sent to those he wanted to have it through AddressCentral.

Here's how it works:

  • 1. A user signs up for an AddressCentral account and invites people to their Live Contact Book.
  • 2. The user gets a new phone number and updates that new phone number in AddressCentral.
  • 3. All of the user’s Live Contacts will automatically get the user’s new number in their Live Contact Book, at least those who have been designated to receive it (and they will also receive an email notification that the user has a new number depending on their notification preferences).

When looking for the best contact management software, look no further than AddressCentral:

  • - It is free, private and contains no ads.
  • - The live contact app download is also free.
  • - No need to manually update contacts (they will do it for you as in the example above)
  • - Contacts backup automatically take place.
  • - It’s a one-stop-shop contact management system.

If you ever need to change your phone number, be it once or frequently, or simply don’t want to have to manually update your contacts when they change their numbers, then AddressCentral is for you. Sign up today in less than a minute!

P.S. AddressCentral is in beta today, but maybe a future version will see Elon as a user! :)