Frequently Asked Questions


There are three basic differences between our services and other cloud based contact services:

  1. 1) We don’t store standard contact data in the cloud. Our contact data is live, meaning when your contacts update their information, you instantly get the updated data.

  2. 2) We don’t create live contact data by compiling contact information from various online sources. We offer a one-stop shop for you and your contacts to update contact information in a clean and simple fashion, resulting in far greater utility than standard offerings.

  3. 3) Unlike many social media sites that allow you to share contact details, the privacy is superior on AddressCentral; you’ll never have to worry about being stalked or forgetting to activate certain privacy features because all accounts are private.


Accounts are free. Create your account now.


They are free. Download the iOS and Android apps here.


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Although you may not need to change your contact details, chances are that your contacts will. That means that your current contact list or address book is going to have outdated information and you will have to manually update it. However, with the Live Contact Book those problems are eliminated; your contacts keep their information up to date for you.


This service is private. Your profile cannot be publicly searched for which means that people you don't know can't search for you. To invite your friends and family to the service, you just need their email address.


Currently only users 18 years and older can register for an account and use this service. This is not because this service is designed to facilitate adult content but rather because we simply do not want any users inappropriately trying to solicit contact data out of children. Future releases may allow teenagers limited use if we deem certain options for controlling the accounts of minors acceptable.


Your privacy is our number one consideration and in conjunction with that so is the security of your data. We have partnered with best-in-breed providers with industry standard security protocols. Moreover, you have control over who receives your contact information. What’s more, unlike other social network platforms, neither you nor your details can be publically searched for.

For more information on privacy, as well as details on technical security, please read our Privacy Policy .


Although your contacts will from time to time get a new phone number, a new job, move, etc., generally these events don’t happen very frequently. Therefore, if you have just a few Live Contacts, chances are you won’t see updates that often. But when they do happen, we will make sure you get the updates.

Remember, this is not a service where you have to always receive updates or where we are always trying to get your attention. We will provide notifications for you when you need them and will keep your contact data backed up in the cloud. AddressCentral is built as a useful tool and not something designed to be addicting or through which we or third parties can exploit your data.


For help with all functions of the service, please refer to our help page.