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Your Live Contact Book will serve you best through your mobile device. Live Contacts, our mobile application, organizes your Live Contact Book in a familiar and user-friendly format, with additional functionality provided through your mobile device.

Because your Live Contacts are backed up in the cloud, it means if you ever lose, damage or upgrade your phone or tablet, restoring your Live Contacts is as quick and simple as logging in to your AddressCentral account.

Available on the Google Play store, the app is free and contains no ads. For iOS users, an app is under development but in the meantime you may do the following to place the AddressCentral web application on your iOS device’s home screen:

  • a) On your iOS device go to in Safari
  • b) Tap the share button (same button that you would use to send a website by text or email)
  • c) Find and tap on “Add to Home Screen”
  • d) Name the icon as you desire then tap on “Add” and an icon for the web application will be added to your iOS device’s home screen.

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