Frequently Asked Questions

Your Privacy Comes First

As a repository of contact information, AddressCentral considers our User's privacy to be the highest of our responsibilities. This is why we have created the following Privacy Policy and have adhered to its principles since our founding.

The Information We Gather

Use of the service requires the submission of one's email address, name, date of birth and creation of an account password. Optional information that may be provided to this service includes a profile picture, other name(s), phone number(s), address(es), other emails, websites and Usernames for social media and instant messaging services, professional contact information as well as three security questions and answers.

Technical information gathered by the service is facilitated through Google Analytics. More information on this may be found at

If you have any concern with the information gathered by this service, we advise that you do not sign up for an AddressCentral account, or if you already have an account, that you delete your account (all information within deleted accounts are deleted from our database).

We Why Gather This Information

  1. An email address and password are required for account creation.
  2. Date of birth is required to be able to provide the most age appropriate experience on the Service.
  3. Optional contact data is gathered solely to enable a User to share that information with other Users of their choosing and security questions and answers are offered to secure access to a User's account.
  4. The technical data gathered through Google Analytics is for statistical purposes, such as how frequently our website is visited and in what geographic locations those visits are coming from.

Who Receives Your Contact Information?

Each User chooses who sees their information, and how much of that information they get to see. This applies for each and every item of your information. Moreover, your information cannot be publically searched for. All accounts are private. Therefore, you will not run the risk of failing to place restrictions on your account and thereby allowing anybody to search for and find your information online. In short, your privacy and security are our top priority.

AddressCentral does not sell, rent, trade or barter any personal or professional information of any User to any third party, regardless of whether they are or are not a User of the service. This includes who your contacts are, both personal and professional.

We have constructed our User Agreement to be clear that those you choose to share your information with via this service are those you should be sharing it with (e.g. family and close friends for physical address), and have placed reminders about this in other places within the site. Please refer to our User Agreement for more information on the use of your information.

What Measures are in Place to Keep Your Information Private?

All data in an individual User's account is protected by:

  1. a) A username and password that the User Agreement strictly states must not be shared with others.
  2. b) Three security questions (optional). When activated, any changes to one’s data must first pass this extra layer of security, and the User Agreement strictly states that these questions must never be shared with others.
  3. c) Login sessions that time out.
  4. d) An industry-leading web hosting service with additional layers of security at their end.

We have built this Service from the ground up with the security of our Users' information foremost in our minds. You may have the confidence to use this Service and experience the benefits of Live Contacts in the Cloud without any concerns for our regard to the privacy of your information. Your privacy comes first.