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Restore Contacts

Need to Restore your iPhone or iPad’s Contacts?

Here are Apple’s instructions for restoring your iPhone or iPad’s contacts. However, here is a more simple way to not only have your contacts backed up in the cloud and available on all your devices, but to also have your contacts automatically keep their information up to date for you:

  • 1. Sign up for a free and private Live Contact Book (there are no ads).
  • 2. Invite contacts and designate which categories of your data they will see (can change this preference at any time).
  • 3. Access your contacts on any device.

Why this is more simple:

  • a) You can access your contacts on any device, not just Apple devices.
  • b) If one of your live contacts has new contact data and wants you to have it, their new contact data will be there for you (hence the Live Contact Book).
  • c) You can use your Live Contact Book as a one-stop-shop to update your own details and have the new contact information go to any or all of your Live Contacts that you want it to.

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