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Why AddressCentral’s Data Accuracy Methodology is Superior

There are trade offs to all things. A more open operating system might allow more people to develop and publish applications for it, but the trade off might be the platform being easier for malicious code to be published on it. A more closed operating system might be harder for people to develop and publish applications for it, but that trade off might make it a place where malicious code is found in less abundance.

There are different solutions in the market to keep your contact data up to date, but like either an opened or closed operating system, there are different approaches to do it. Most solutions on the market that offer services to keep your contact data up to date take a crowdsourcing approach to do it. If Jane Doe is one of your contacts, Jane Doe’s social media profiles will be scraped for contact data to import into your contacts. If one of those sources updates the contact data, it will be brought into the consolidating solution’s contact book.

While the above method can work, the well known problem with any type of crowdsourcing is that quality suffers. Not only in this case does it assume that the sources it is scraping information from are accurate and up to date, but crowdsourcing for this type of information can scrape the wrong information as well as make duplicate contact entries. The result is still less than up-to-date contact data.

AddressCentral takes a different approach. We do not use a contacts app that scrapes the internet in the hope of getting the correct information from third party sources; we get the information from the source and from the source only. While this assumes that users of AddressCentral are using the platform to keep their information up to date, we take the burden upon us to periodically remind and incentivize users to do so.

If you need to restore your iPhone or Android contacts, why not also have an AddressCentral account? What’s the point of restoring your contacts if they are not up to date!

AddressCentral is free, contains no ads and is designed for privacy. The live contacts app on Android is also free (iOS coming at the next opportunity but can be used on iOS devices without an app).

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